Thursday, April 04, 2013

Die lohh

Is life going to be just that? Just this?

Work sleep work sleep work sleep.

Makes me feel like there is no progress in my life.
Need to decide where I want to be in life. Or rather, what I want in life. Goal setting?

I've always perceived life as a game, specifically a Role Playing Game. In which I have a clear mission to do, what to do and how to reach there and complete the mission. Then another harder mission will pop up, this continues until I finally clear the game. You know, just level up to get stronger, learn more powerful skills, get better equipments and stuff; isn't life like this too? With distinct stages to clear. The toddler days, the schooling days.. and now adulthood?

But now that I am a working adult, I couldn't help it but feel lost in life.
What to do next? Where to go next?

Life ah life.. life ah life..

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