Tuesday, May 12, 2015


That should just be the title of all my posts from now on, if I ever continue posting haha! Took me all this while to realize that, the very reason I blogged was for myself, is for myself and will always be this way. So interesting to look back, looking back at the behind the scene. Things I wished I've done differently, things I wished I've done more; mostly the latter though. I almost never regret about my actions and decisions, kinda just do what felt right to not regret later.

Having been in the "real world", I mean the working world, or rather the adult world for close to 5 years, I still strongly believe that everything happens for a reason, albeit it happening not according to my liking or will. Nonetheless, I do think it's for a better and bigger cause.

The more I live life, the more I learn about myself and people and things around me. I've always wanted to be good at everything, only ended up in me being good at nothing. I am not many kinds of person, I am the kind of person I am.

Also learned that I am not a good writer nor a good speaker, but I do like to pen things down once in a while and I absolutely love to talk things out with humans. Writing or rather penning things down, as writing would suggest a certain level of professionalism is needed, displays and expresses thoughts in an orderly fashion. For instance, the next word cannot be read until the word in front is read. Whereas for speech, or simply put talking, what comes together is the tone, volume, emphasis on certain words; all these would make a spoken conversation much more meaningful than a written one.

That said, what I meant to convey is that I prefer talking to humans than texting. After all, as much as the words are meant to be interpreted in the writer's mind, it will somehow or definitely be interpreted differently in the reader's mind.

Thought of the day, I don't like to feel lousy. Then again, who does. I now believe being happy is a choice, just that as most things said, it's easier said than done; and harder to execute this choice on certain days. Certain especially lousy days, alas vicious cycle indeed!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas 2014


It's been 2 months since my last post, looking back that was indeed a lousy one! That's the purpose of blogging for me, it serves as a chronological reminder. Reviewing things and thoughts occurred at that moment, then be amazed time and time how time could change so many things!

Finally got myself to start Rune Factory 4 on my beloved special edition Pokemon XY Red Nintendo 3DS XL (what a mouthful), and got extremely addicted, so now just slowly cutting the gaming time to curb the addiction! What better to beat an addiction? Another addiction of course muahahaha! Got in touch with TVB dramas again... Seriously should not be such an otaku :3

That's all for now, be happy!
Being happy is always easier said than done, but still... be happy!
Money can buy a lot of things, things which are able to induce some amount of happiness; then there's some form of happiness that money can't buy... I want just that!

Despo Boon
Just Boon signing off at 2353 SIN time, Merry Merry Christmas~

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Just sometimes...
I wanna be alone, not the emo lonely kind "What am I still single?" alone; more like the I need and want time to just be engulfed in my own things. By own things, they typically mean catching up with my ongoing anime (Naruto marathon at the moment), picking up an RPG on my 3DS XL (yet to start on Rune Factory 4 haha), and probably just going through random videos on YouTube about makeup, beauty products, gadgets, gaming, songs (basically anything that piques my interest, and this could very literally mean anything!)

Also sometimes, I just think of how nice it would be to just have someone by my side. Someone whom I belonged to, and whom belonged to me (never knew how to use whom properly haha but it sounded quite right in these sentences lol :3)! Someone who, for sure will be there when I wake up, who always looks forward to hearing from and seeing me! Someone who I can like, as much as I love myself (okay, maybe just a bit lesser than my love for myself, always love yourself more than anything and anyone!)

Then again.. Hmm..

Sometimes, maybe just sometimes!
(man, what's with the massive amount of brackets in this post ^^)

Boon signing off at 0225 hours SIN time~
(one day I'm gonna miss the 24 hours format of time telling and the airport code~ this shall be the last close bracket haha)

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Last Episode Syndrome

Ahhh, as titled, I can't bear to watch the last episode of any series! It feels like once it is watched, the magic of the entire series will come to an end *insert sad smileys* (why is it a "smiley" when it expresses such sad emotion) :(

Recently started watching 来自星星的你 aka My Love from the Star aka You Who Came from the Stars; I much prefer the Chinese title, more aptly translated I guess. I know it's a bit late, the craze is dying already.. Better late than never! At present time, I am left with the last episode, let me wait a while first before watching it. Let me soak in all the magic :3

Really like this series, I usually dislike Korean dramas despite all the beautiful creatures featured; I find it draggy and too drama!! Haha, so much for "drama"! Adore the main characters, even the supporting characters are beautiful too!

Ahhh, the emptiness once I finish this. Better start hunting for the next thing to watch; then again, I've piled up quite a long watching list of stuff (animes, series, movies, whatnots).. I should be fine haha!

OST Hello, Goodbye by Hyorin:

Hello, Goodbye BW signing off at 0300 local SIN time.