Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Just sometimes...
I wanna be alone, not the emo lonely kind "What am I still single?" alone; more like the I need and want time to just be engulfed in my own things. By own things, they typically mean catching up with my ongoing anime (Naruto marathon at the moment), picking up an RPG on my 3DS XL (yet to start on Rune Factory 4 haha), and probably just going through random videos on YouTube about makeup, beauty products, gadgets, gaming, songs (basically anything that piques my interest, and this could very literally mean anything!)

Also sometimes, I just think of how nice it would be to just have someone by my side. Someone whom I belonged to, and whom belonged to me (never knew how to use whom properly haha but it sounded quite right in these sentences lol :3)! Someone who, for sure will be there when I wake up, who always looks forward to hearing from and seeing me! Someone who I can like, as much as I love myself (okay, maybe just a bit lesser than my love for myself, always love yourself more than anything and anyone!)

Then again.. Hmm..

Sometimes, maybe just sometimes!
(man, what's with the massive amount of brackets in this post ^^)

Boon signing off at 0225 hours SIN time~
(one day I'm gonna miss the 24 hours format of time telling and the airport code~ this shall be the last close bracket haha)

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Last Episode Syndrome

Ahhh, as titled, I can't bear to watch the last episode of any series! It feels like once it is watched, the magic of the entire series will come to an end *insert sad smileys* (why is it a "smiley" when it expresses such sad emotion) :(

Recently started watching 来自星星的你 aka My Love from the Star aka You Who Came from the Stars; I much prefer the Chinese title, more aptly translated I guess. I know it's a bit late, the craze is dying already.. Better late than never! At present time, I am left with the last episode, let me wait a while first before watching it. Let me soak in all the magic :3

Really like this series, I usually dislike Korean dramas despite all the beautiful creatures featured; I find it draggy and too drama!! Haha, so much for "drama"! Adore the main characters, even the supporting characters are beautiful too!

Ahhh, the emptiness once I finish this. Better start hunting for the next thing to watch; then again, I've piled up quite a long watching list of stuff (animes, series, movies, whatnots).. I should be fine haha!

OST Hello, Goodbye by Hyorin:

Hello, Goodbye BW signing off at 0300 local SIN time.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Miracle, it is

Another recent favorite, it's not a very new song though. Chanced upon this song on YouTube and liked it immediately. Very much :3 I do find the lyrics not very profound, much like most mandarin pop songs; it was after all written by G.E.M. when she was mere 20! So talented!

The song title is "miracle", I want my miracle tooooo hehe!

I've come to realize that this space is for me, as in, it's for me to come back once in a while and look back what have happened, the things that I chose to pen down at that point of time. Take the last post for example, I actually don't remember taking MC in January this year hahaha! Took a couple more last month, I'm on a MC-collecting-spree yay!

Really getting used to "just Boon" now, I very much appreciate all the friends who used to call me Boon Woei. I'm both Boon and Boon Woei. I changed this blog to "It's a Boon" cause in English language, a boon could mean a blessing; I want my presence and existence to be a blessing~

A Boon signing off. Penned this at 1940 local LHR time.

p/s: back soon?

Saturday, January 18, 2014

to Commemorate

Is it 2014 already?

First MC of the year, not the first one in my career though. I've always imagined myself as a more responsible employee, honestly a bit disappointed with what I've become. A man gotta do what a man gotta do, I guess. Seeing how I was always a "good student" or rather appeared to be through out my schooling years; so yah, reality is, not so holy haha!

This is not supposed to carry a negative tone, it's after all, a new year (seriously, 2014 already?) This 28th January marks the end of my 3rd year of working, meaning it's been 3 years in Singapore. Can I say, oh my gord? OMG! Still clueless about life, but that's part of life, so presently, life goes on.

In these 3 years, I've seen so much ugly of people (well, there's the beautiful also but people generally remember the ugly best), I find myself starting to turn ugly as well! Gosh the horror! Mostly the inside I hope, outside should still be kept beautiful :) What I fear is one day, eventually, the ugly will leak out... Epiphany please happen real soon, sudden realization of what all this life is all about!

That said, happy new year to whoever still around. Ending this note with a recent favorite: